Wednesday, November 30, 2011

THE ISLAND - Nov. 30th

The Mekong is a river that runs through China, Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. It is the world's 10th-longest river (Wikipedia).

This no lake - but a huge river. You must take a ferry to cross it.

There is a Christian church and pre-school meeting here. We were able to distribute some of the clothing to poor people in this area. We also sang some songs with the kids.

An Unexpected Ally - - Nov. 29

Missions - Learn to Expect the Unanticipated!

Kizzie (short for "Keziah" & named for Job's 5th daughter in Job 42:14), is from England. She is 21 and came out to Phnom Penh on her own to serve for 6 months. She is teaching both children and young adults - the "King's English." She loves the Lord and people. It has been a delight to get to know her.

Her background is certainly unique: Her mother is of East Indian, Irish, Hebrew, Polish and French descent, and she married a man of the Romany background and culture. Another more common word for Romany is the term "Gypsy." It is a culture & language all its own - and very closed to outsiders. Kizzie has an exotic coloring and striking features. She quickly discourages potential suitors, realizing how difficult cultural issues would be to overcome. Kori has really enjoyed conversing with her.

Kizzie Price

She is such a joy to know and it is a blessing to serve our Lord together.

Monday, November 28, 2011

BLOGGING Monday, Nov. 28

Greetings to Our Friends,where-ever you may be,

Thank you for patience with us - catching up blogging.

In Thailand - it was the language over-ride - everything was in Thai! It took us a couple of days to straighten that out.
In Cambodia, it was internet connection issues. The church's wifi service does not reach the back of the third floor where we are stationed. We are in process of moving to the front of the second floor where we can reach the signal. Today we are outside on a lanai catching up!


April - May = 95 - 100 degrees
June - July = 90 - 95 degrees + 90% humidity
September - October = 100% humidity (Monsoon rains)
November - January = 80 - 85 degrees + 80% humidity
and - yes, we can feel the difference.

There are delightful occasional breezes as well - love this winter weather. The temperatures drop very little at night, making it difficult to sleep.

Our new room will have air-conditioning. I know - what happened to suffering for Jesus? The old room has a huge, loud, helpful fan. The new room puts us closer to the kids and staff, and to the teaching rooms. (Update: The move did not take place, as the AC didn't really work and the shower system had not been installed yet.)

Well rested helps to make for efficient service. Pray for us (we also have to wear long pants and collard shirts to teach).

SUNDAY, November 27th

The Lord's Day

We celebrate the time & eternity changing event - the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Because He lives - we can be completely forgiven, have purpose in life, and sure hope for the future, and all of the love, joy and peace that God has to offer!

If you haven't yet trusted Christ I solemnly urge you to consider the historic Jesus, and the revealed Son of God - the Savior.

Pastor Keat Kove led a thanksgiving service for the congregation. Sombat translated for Kori & I - this 2 & a half our service of praise and thanksgiving to God. Summer team members might remember Srey-pich (Auntie's Kori's classroom teacher) and her request for the salvation of her family; God has answered - they have all put their faith in Jesus! She walks with a lightness in her step and a ready smile of joy. To see her and hear her story made our day!

"They looked to HIM and were never ashamed."

Srey-pich is the second from the left, wearing blue.

Coming to Cambodia - - November 26th

Bangkok International Airport
Air France
Excellent ground service - - Unexpected luggage expenses!
It cost us $55 a bag - for the canvas bag of clothing (for flood victims) and another bag mostly stuffed with Bibles and other gifts. It's OK GOD knows - He has supplied all of our needs!

Sad to say good bye to the Hallstroms. They are making the sweet aroma of Christ known there among the Thai people, and all of the expatriates living in that part of the neighborhood. Drop them an email - encourage them in their service to our country with our US Embassy there.

After an hour flight - we arrive to a kind welcome. We spent the evening at the Saturday night youth service and in catching up with old friends. About 120 youth/young adults were there, as they have restarted the English school, and, once again, offer tuition credit towards those who will attend church events.

I had the privilege of explaining why, in the Old Testament, an innocent lamb was required to be sacrificed by God - to a small group of high school guys. I was reminded how exciting it is to teach the scriptures and explain to truth to those so desiring to learn.

Pray for many such opportunities,


Sunday, November 27, 2011


Hi Everyone,

This is my very first blog attempt!

As many of you know I am not a morning person but I woke up at around 2am-ish still adjusting to the time change. Fortunately, I was able to go back to sleep thanks to the window coverings that block out the outside light. After breakfast at the Hallstrom's apartment/hotel restaurant, Miki arrived home from language class to take us to MBK (initials unknown)this humongous eight-something floor mall. We didn't even see half of it, maybe a fourth! Later Dave met up with us at the mall after he got off work. Then we caught the skytrain to Thannsactuary - the art of natural therapy translated into a full Thai body massage experience! For my fellow Cambodia team members it was the "died and went to heaven" elite-massage!! We were all escorted to our own private rooms. Our feet were washed in sea salt before being given our garb (guys pajamas, gals underwear). We gals took a five minute warm shower to prepare our bodies for the aromatic oils that were

going to be rubbed all over our body for the next ninety minutes. Afterwards tea and fruit awaited for us as we shared our wonderful experience with each other. Both Dave and Steve said that they had "the strongest women" they ever experienced. Wow! that was the best birthday present ever. We ended the evening with a tempanyaki dinner at Tamaruya Hontea. Hey Dave, the cow tongue wasn't bad at all it tasted and looked like beef teriyaki. I slept very well that evening.

Thank you, Dave and Miki for your hospitality and the wonderful time in Bangkok, especially the unforgettable birthday present. God bless you as He has blessed us through you.

Pictures from Thailand - 11/23

Some highlight shots from Thailand;

Pumping out water from the flooded city.


The Protector Lion
for Justin

Burden Bearers - the strong, yet each unique guys for Nate

A flower among the lily pads
for Hannah
and all other lovers of beauty

Friday, November 25, 2011


We give thanks to God for all of His blessings, even His discipline is measured and beneficial.

Kori & I spent the good part of the day exploring Bangkok with David Hallstrom. We saw temples and an awesome palace. We rode on the sky train, and on a river boat taxi. It seems the city is recovering quickly from the past months flooding. Not fast enough for us to go on an elephant ride though!

We went to a Thai buffet for thanksgiving dinner together with Miki as well.
Thai food can be hot! Many of you know and love it.

It amazes me how large the city is - imagine throwing LA, San Diego & San Francisco all together + Honolulu, and still not reaching the size of this city!

The Hallstroms are blessed to attend a wonderful church here. It keeps them going, in such a foreign culture. Miki has become quite proficient in the Thai language. It looks like they will be back here at the embassy again in 2013.

I'm in an airport now - using a borrowed computer and waiting to fly to Phnom Penh


Thanksgiving dinner together at the Holiday Inn - Thai Buffet.
It was delicious and we had a great time giving thanks to God

Thursday, November 24, 2011

BANGKOK, Thailand Nov.22

Here we are in the Pearl of Southeast Asia.
Bangkok is a sprawling city of 12,000,000 souls,
recovering from its worst flooding in 50 years.

It's a Buddhist country with many "Wats" - temples.
It has the most amazing Palace and grounds
that I have ever seen.

Welcome to the Kingdom of SIAM

The river is very dirty and fast moving as it carries debris towards the ocean.

We miss you - going into Thanksgiving. We are grateful to be a part of His work,
and to know His altogether lovely and glorious SON - JESUS.

TRAVEL DAY - 11/21

Leave for the airport at 6:30 AM - leave ground at 10 - 10 1/4 hours in air to Seoul, Korea. 1 & 1/2 hour l lay-over,then 5 3/4 flight to Bangkok. Arrive on the ground 9:30 PM Tuesday Night!!

No night has passed - only the invisible International Dateline!

Tired, grateful.

Our first night Hotel - The Queen's Garden

God, please - for Your Namesake
Do some very special eternal things
in hearts and lives these next 6 weeks,
in Jesus wonderful Name,

Shower is the bathroom (no separate walls) just water everywhere! Try to keep the toilet paper dry - if there is any!

Please be patient with us as we have encountered many internet and computer obstacles.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Prayer Requests - Sunday the 20th

We had a great day in church - preached the morning message, and we witnessed a cool proposal of marriage between 2 young adults from our MCC youth ministry. Saying our good-byes today.


Asking God for protection from all of the enemy's attacks.
Asking for safety in travel - and from bugs, illnesses, etc.
Asking for victory over the flesh and all other negative influences.


Asking God to bear the "fruit that remains" in hearts and lives:
- in people coming to know the Savior - Jesus, personally;
- others growing as disciples and becoming equipped for service
Asking for restored and reconciled relationships
Also asking God to grow us and make us more like Jesus

We pray that God will fully and wonderfully bless the youth, young adults, and entire congregation this season - even doing more than we could ask or think, while we are gone.

PS: From our previous trip here in June - we encountered a bat in our dining room,
and a boa constrictor outside our hotel in Siem Reap! The snake was devouring a rat.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

GRATITUDE - - November 19

Thank YOU God,

For all of Your amazing grace and abundant mercies

For eternal purpose in life
For Your love, joy & peace
For foundational and unchanging truth
For forgiveness and life

For providing all that we need
For a supportive Pastor & Elder Board
For encouraging Christians, and an understanding family

For an open door of exciting ministry in Phnom Penh
For the welcome of the Cambodian believers there
For the exciting opportunity to share God's Word
with both believers and those who do not yet know HIM

We praise you LORD

"We ask you to do exceedingly beyond all we could ask or think"
For Your kingdom, honor and glory.

The Knappkins
Our Pastor & his wife . . . . . . . . . Dr. Rick and Diane Bartosik
Mililani Community Church

Travel Details - November 18

Howdy Friends,

We depart on Korean Airlines Monday the 21st at 10:10 AM, and after a short layover in Korea,
we arrive in Bangkok about 9 PM on Tuesday.

We are looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with our Mililani friends, Dave and Miki Hallstrom, and celebrating Kori's birthday on Friday.

Saturday afternoon (26th) we fly into Phnom Penh via Air France,arriving about 3 - 4 PM.

We depart for return in the late evening of January 9th. We lay over in Seoul from 7 AM to 7 PM. We are really hoping to connect with our former MCC friends while there - Shipmans and Heils.

We arrive back home in Honolulu about 7 PM on the 10th.
We will miss 3 family birthdays together, along with
Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years.

We will get to be on the front lines for & with the Lord,seeing Him in action! WOW!

Pray for open hearts to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thank you,

Steve and Kori

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Preparing the Family left behind - 17th


Going on mission means leaving other places and people behind - in this case our 3 kids.
No they are not "small kine keikis."  They are all in their twenties - in fact we will miss our baby
Hannah's 21st celebration.  :(

We are busily prepping them on how and when to pay the bills, church activities to lead,
calendar events to show up at, safety checks for the vehicles, where the food bargains are, etc.
Good lessons in independence.

For all of my mainland friends - Hawaii is a very different scene.
with the median home price on Oahu near $600,000 - it is more often true than not
- kids live at home until they marry or move away to the mainland!

To Justin go the overall shepherding duties; spiritual initiative and leadership.
Also, outdoor yard maintenance, trash, recycling, etc.

To Nate - the finances. Collecting and depositing checks, making sure all bills are paid on time,
keeping tract of balances.  To him falls inside clean-up tasks: floors, bathroom & laundry.

To Hannah: As much as she says she is not their "cook & maid," she naturally gravitates towards the kitchen.  Meals and food purchases + kitchen cleanup.

I wish we could be a mouse in the house - listening to their discussions and musical jam sessions!
How we will miss them.

God will be there for them, just as He will be in Cambodia for us - and with you - wherever you are.
"I will never leave you or forsake you" He promised.
We hold Him to His word.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

PREPARATIONS - November 16

Let the adventure begin!

"If God be for us, who can be against us?"

We are busy packing - including a large canvas bag of donated clothing for flood victims.
It can be difficult planning for 7 weeks, including all of the medicines one might need.

Actually, there can be many enemies: the adversary himself, this world system,                                           and our own weak flesh, just to name a few.
But we can be "more than conquerors through Him Who loved us and gave Himself for us."

Please join with us on this journey of faith - let's see what God will do.