Sunday, November 27, 2011


Hi Everyone,

This is my very first blog attempt!

As many of you know I am not a morning person but I woke up at around 2am-ish still adjusting to the time change. Fortunately, I was able to go back to sleep thanks to the window coverings that block out the outside light. After breakfast at the Hallstrom's apartment/hotel restaurant, Miki arrived home from language class to take us to MBK (initials unknown)this humongous eight-something floor mall. We didn't even see half of it, maybe a fourth! Later Dave met up with us at the mall after he got off work. Then we caught the skytrain to Thannsactuary - the art of natural therapy translated into a full Thai body massage experience! For my fellow Cambodia team members it was the "died and went to heaven" elite-massage!! We were all escorted to our own private rooms. Our feet were washed in sea salt before being given our garb (guys pajamas, gals underwear). We gals took a five minute warm shower to prepare our bodies for the aromatic oils that were

going to be rubbed all over our body for the next ninety minutes. Afterwards tea and fruit awaited for us as we shared our wonderful experience with each other. Both Dave and Steve said that they had "the strongest women" they ever experienced. Wow! that was the best birthday present ever. We ended the evening with a tempanyaki dinner at Tamaruya Hontea. Hey Dave, the cow tongue wasn't bad at all it tasted and looked like beef teriyaki. I slept very well that evening.

Thank you, Dave and Miki for your hospitality and the wonderful time in Bangkok, especially the unforgettable birthday present. God bless you as He has blessed us through you.

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