Monday, November 28, 2011

Coming to Cambodia - - November 26th

Bangkok International Airport
Air France
Excellent ground service - - Unexpected luggage expenses!
It cost us $55 a bag - for the canvas bag of clothing (for flood victims) and another bag mostly stuffed with Bibles and other gifts. It's OK GOD knows - He has supplied all of our needs!

Sad to say good bye to the Hallstroms. They are making the sweet aroma of Christ known there among the Thai people, and all of the expatriates living in that part of the neighborhood. Drop them an email - encourage them in their service to our country with our US Embassy there.

After an hour flight - we arrive to a kind welcome. We spent the evening at the Saturday night youth service and in catching up with old friends. About 120 youth/young adults were there, as they have restarted the English school, and, once again, offer tuition credit towards those who will attend church events.

I had the privilege of explaining why, in the Old Testament, an innocent lamb was required to be sacrificed by God - to a small group of high school guys. I was reminded how exciting it is to teach the scriptures and explain to truth to those so desiring to learn.

Pray for many such opportunities,


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