Monday, November 28, 2011

SUNDAY, November 27th

The Lord's Day

We celebrate the time & eternity changing event - the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Because He lives - we can be completely forgiven, have purpose in life, and sure hope for the future, and all of the love, joy and peace that God has to offer!

If you haven't yet trusted Christ I solemnly urge you to consider the historic Jesus, and the revealed Son of God - the Savior.

Pastor Keat Kove led a thanksgiving service for the congregation. Sombat translated for Kori & I - this 2 & a half our service of praise and thanksgiving to God. Summer team members might remember Srey-pich (Auntie's Kori's classroom teacher) and her request for the salvation of her family; God has answered - they have all put their faith in Jesus! She walks with a lightness in her step and a ready smile of joy. To see her and hear her story made our day!

"They looked to HIM and were never ashamed."

Srey-pich is the second from the left, wearing blue.

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