Wednesday, November 30, 2011

An Unexpected Ally - - Nov. 29

Missions - Learn to Expect the Unanticipated!

Kizzie (short for "Keziah" & named for Job's 5th daughter in Job 42:14), is from England. She is 21 and came out to Phnom Penh on her own to serve for 6 months. She is teaching both children and young adults - the "King's English." She loves the Lord and people. It has been a delight to get to know her.

Her background is certainly unique: Her mother is of East Indian, Irish, Hebrew, Polish and French descent, and she married a man of the Romany background and culture. Another more common word for Romany is the term "Gypsy." It is a culture & language all its own - and very closed to outsiders. Kizzie has an exotic coloring and striking features. She quickly discourages potential suitors, realizing how difficult cultural issues would be to overcome. Kori has really enjoyed conversing with her.

Kizzie Price

She is such a joy to know and it is a blessing to serve our Lord together.

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