Monday, November 28, 2011

BLOGGING Monday, Nov. 28

Greetings to Our Friends,where-ever you may be,

Thank you for patience with us - catching up blogging.

In Thailand - it was the language over-ride - everything was in Thai! It took us a couple of days to straighten that out.
In Cambodia, it was internet connection issues. The church's wifi service does not reach the back of the third floor where we are stationed. We are in process of moving to the front of the second floor where we can reach the signal. Today we are outside on a lanai catching up!


April - May = 95 - 100 degrees
June - July = 90 - 95 degrees + 90% humidity
September - October = 100% humidity (Monsoon rains)
November - January = 80 - 85 degrees + 80% humidity
and - yes, we can feel the difference.

There are delightful occasional breezes as well - love this winter weather. The temperatures drop very little at night, making it difficult to sleep.

Our new room will have air-conditioning. I know - what happened to suffering for Jesus? The old room has a huge, loud, helpful fan. The new room puts us closer to the kids and staff, and to the teaching rooms. (Update: The move did not take place, as the AC didn't really work and the shower system had not been installed yet.)

Well rested helps to make for efficient service. Pray for us (we also have to wear long pants and collard shirts to teach).

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