Thursday, November 17, 2011

Preparing the Family left behind - 17th


Going on mission means leaving other places and people behind - in this case our 3 kids.
No they are not "small kine keikis."  They are all in their twenties - in fact we will miss our baby
Hannah's 21st celebration.  :(

We are busily prepping them on how and when to pay the bills, church activities to lead,
calendar events to show up at, safety checks for the vehicles, where the food bargains are, etc.
Good lessons in independence.

For all of my mainland friends - Hawaii is a very different scene.
with the median home price on Oahu near $600,000 - it is more often true than not
- kids live at home until they marry or move away to the mainland!

To Justin go the overall shepherding duties; spiritual initiative and leadership.
Also, outdoor yard maintenance, trash, recycling, etc.

To Nate - the finances. Collecting and depositing checks, making sure all bills are paid on time,
keeping tract of balances.  To him falls inside clean-up tasks: floors, bathroom & laundry.

To Hannah: As much as she says she is not their "cook & maid," she naturally gravitates towards the kitchen.  Meals and food purchases + kitchen cleanup.

I wish we could be a mouse in the house - listening to their discussions and musical jam sessions!
How we will miss them.

God will be there for them, just as He will be in Cambodia for us - and with you - wherever you are.
"I will never leave you or forsake you" He promised.
We hold Him to His word.


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