Thursday, January 12, 2012

APPENDIX - A Khmer Wedding 1

8 AM (in the morning!)

Representative pastors meet & greet one another in front of the bride's home (church).

The groom's entourage has arrived
- all bearing gifts.

(This includes his groomsmen,
family & friends)

The groomsmen hold umbrellas.

All of us are bearing gifts for the festive occasion.

Already the bright sun is
pushing the temperature up
towards 90 degrees F.

The bride and groom meet

resplendent in green costumes.

A lovely flower bouquet

is presented first

to her parents.

The bride offers her groom refreshment

(In light of his long journey?)

Traditional Khmer greeting

- in humility honoring the other person.

Please notice her hair arrangement.

The exchanging of beautiful

and fragrant flower leis.

Kizzy, Dany & I fulfill our roles

(as Kori takes our picture!)

I was under-dressed for this event!
The couple and their court enter the church for phase # 1 of this wedding day.

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