Monday, January 9, 2012


What a day!    Sunday the 8th

3 AM   Sending emails back to MCC in Hawaii, pertaining to church responsibilities.
4          Back to sleep (fan at level 5 - still very hot!)
6          Get up and get ready for a busy Sunday
7          Breakfast - finishing up our cereal & oatmeal
8          Morning Worship Service at New Life in Christ Church
10        Meeting with the church elders (find a translator)
11        Shalom Church Worship Service  - in English! (take 5 young people with us)
12:30   Lunch and fellowship with the Crowleys from the Ratanakiri  Province in the highlands (near Laos)
2 PM   Back to NLC, sharing Bible Old Testament stories with the young guys
5          Unexpected marriage counseling session – lasting 3 hours
8          Dinner - grilled cheese sandwiches
9          Packing up and deciding what to give away & to whom (including our medicines, toiletries & much of our clothing)
11        Writing trip reports
2 AM   Catching up with emails
2:30     Time to go to sleep – we fly back home tonight!

Flight Schedule

Depart from Phnom Penh at about 12 Midnight (Tuesday AM)

Fly for a total of 12 hours - broken up by a 12 hour layover in Korea = 24 hours

Arrive in Honolulu at 7 AM Tuesday morning - with the chance to do the day over again!

ACTUAL = Korean flt. 051 scheduled to arrive Tuesday @ 7:15 AM  - Terminal M

(This makes up for when we flew here on a Monday and arrived on a Wednesday,
with no Tuesday in between!)

This is one of Kori's old Bibles - she used it so much the cover fell off.  We brought it and 7 or 8 others with us to give away.  English teacher & youth leader Sharian was so glad to receive it - he reconstructed his own cover & now carries it with him everywhere!

About the Crowley family - they relocated to Cambodia 18 years ago (Khmer Rouge was still active in some parts of the country, they brought their 5 small kids with them) from Hawaii.  God has wondrously used them and others to literally reach thousands for Christ in this area, and plant 40 churches - that, in my book - is modern day HEROISM!

This is our last blog from Cambodia - we leave in a few hours.  We will try a few summary posts from home.  Thanks for traveling with us. God bless you!

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  1. packed schedule, eh? well, the Crowleys and you guys are my heroes now. i look forward to seeing you both, soon. Come home safely!