Thursday, January 5, 2012

Interview Questions

Tell us, Pastor Steve

1.   How is this trip different than the one you took in the summer?
           Well, we really miss our team members, and their vibrant enthusiasm for life, their joy, and their ministry skills.  Our time has been much more focused on building up groups through preaching & teaching the Word, and individuals through mentoring and counseling.

2.   How did that "fasting thingy" work out for you?
          I had not fasted that long since I was in my twenties (at least successfully).   I really felt under-girded with prayer.  There is no other way I can explain the sustaining strength and health that I experienced.  As far as results - only time will tell for sure.  There are some possible indicators of meaningful change.  I had much more time for prayer, and we used it.

3.   What frustrates you in your time there?
          Things that are "lost in translation," both ways.
          Also, distrust in and disobedience towards God.       Some of the same things as at home.

4.   What blesses you there?
          Teaching the Word.  Experiencing open hearts like the Ethiopian Eunuch to Philip, and like the disciples on the Road to Emmaus.  Also, seeing and experiencing answers to prayer - times of great personal blessings as a couple, health, safety, protection and day to day strength.  Having the clear opportunities to minister Jesus to individuals every day.

         God sent us a special angel - a blessing & encouragement in every way - our Gypsy friend  Kizzy. Also, all of those who so graciously and compassionately ministered to our kids during our absence.

5.   Do you want to return?
          Only if God calls.  God is doing much here in Cambodia.  We have sought to fulfill our own mission to the best of our ability.  We are not clear on where we would return to do further ministry as a couple, or exactly where to lead a return MCC team at this point.

Thank you.   You're welcome.

A heavenly massage from Nigah, one of the blind masseuse at the Seeing Hands Center.  She has strong shoulders & hands!  Yes, that is me.

A Catholic group of Nuns trains the blind in this trade and in English, so that they can be self-supporting. 

The cost is $7 an hour, and they are very good.


  1. Praise God for their "open hearts"! How do the people there that you have worked with feel about you two returning? Do you see a more permanent situation even possible for you two? I'll continue praying for direction for you both. I'm so glad that you got to go and work together as a couple!

    As for the "heavenly massage", WOW, $7/hr.! That's a good rate, especially if they are "very good." I've thought about learning a little bit, possibly for a side income or as a way to bless ministry & military wives.

    Love & miss you both!
    Amy Joy

  2. neat interview. once you return God knows what it will be like. the struggle here for me is taking charge of my own life and learning to stand on my own apart from my parents. you think i would've learned that by now. it will be a challenge readjusting to life in hawaii. still, i love you and look forward to seeing you again.

    i still have to set up the massage with auntie loreen. =0P