Sunday, January 1, 2012

Conflicting Emotions

In the last 24 hours we have witnessed the results of an accident on the street, and a Khmer wedding.

We passed a sprawled moto driver and his spilled bike on the street, while traveling in the opposite direction. We could not stop as we were in the midst of moving traffic. But what appalled and sickened me was the way in which drivers just drove on around him - lying there. He ever-so-slightly moved, but it was obvious to us that either his shoulder was out of socket, or his arm was broken. As callous and self-centered as Americans can be - I just could not picture that happening in the USA.

We are going to a wedding! How excited to be invited!

Our lovely "adopted daughter" Kizzy will join us.

We have been asked on different occasions about how we are related! We spend a lot of time together and get along so well, does there appear to be a family resemblance?

Summer Team members - can you recognize these 4 women that we worked with nearly everyday? It was hard for me to do. Khmer formal dress is quite colorful.


  1. conflicting emotions indeed. traffic accident to stylish photos of beautiful people.

  2. How do people survive such an accident? Does the traffic finally die down enough for the person to get up? or do they just die?
    You two look AMAZING! Proud to call you my parents. ^_^
    As for Kizzy, from just the pictures alone, she kind of "has Dad's nose & chin" and maybe "mom's eyes"? She is a very pretty girl!
    Those dresses remind me of the Thai ladies we saw at a fancy sit-down Thai restaurant we visited in 2001.