Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Khmer Wedding

On the 31st we attended the wedding of 2 delightful young Christians. We came on time, yet had to wait an hour and 45 minutes for the ceremony (and I thought "Hawaiian time" was bad :).

Everyone walks down the aisle - including the preacher. The groom is supposed to come down - flanked by his parents. Makara's parents, as disapproving Buddhists, did not come. Kori & I were surprised to see our driver (Angkor Wat trip) and a woman escort him. What conflicted emotions - thinking as a dad - for his parents to have missed such an important and joyous occasion, yet at the same time, to see such honored support from his Christian Family (Saivy - our driver, at 44, and his wife are probably the oldest couple in their church).

Panara was accompanied by her aunt & uncle - because her parents are diseased. The attendants (all wearing white) walk down the aisle and stop at measured distances apart - along the aisle, then turn facing in (as the Bible bearer/ringbearer, flower girls and the bride pass before them). Then they follow her to the front.

The pastor clearly and fully preached an excellent gospel message. He invited the attendees to invite Jesus into their "house." No shared kiss took place. After the vows and exchange of rings, there was a simple pronouncement. We tossed pikake flowers at them as they walked down the aisle. A lovely buffet luncheon followed in one of the nicer eateries downtown.

During the reception, the bride and groom exchange costumes repeatedly - for pictures. We saw at least 3 changes - we later heard that that there can be up to 10 or even more of these changes into different styles and colors - all gorgeous. We were unable to make our camera function properly in the light there - our apologies.

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  1. khmer weddings seem to be difficult to pull off, but happen nonetheless. i hope the newly weds find happiness and satisfaction in their marriage!