Tuesday, January 17, 2012



We have been blessed to serve the Living God in Southeast Asia over these past two months. We will never be the same. We went to see God effect change in lives over there, yet He had plans to change us as well. He never wastes anything.

It was a real privilege to serve in different instances, in the area of marital counseling. This we had never done before. We prepared diligently, and God blessed our efforts - mostly.

This young couple came to us 7 days after their wedding - not because of difficulties, but simply wanting the best start possible!

God led us to this dating couple, and we had several wonderful times talking about God's designs and plans for marriage.

At one point we suggested that they locate an older godly couple that they could be mentored by - prayed for and encouraged - a model to follow. Unfortunately, neither could think of anyone in their church or circle of acquaintances. . . . .Pray for them.

This is the couple that married on January 7th. I wish we had more time with them, but we did get to share and pray with them on occasion.

Their wedding is featured in the blog appendix.

We tried our very best. As God is our witness, we were faithful to the task to which we were called. Only God can change hearts.

We do look to the "Author & Finisher of our faith," to "complete that good work which He has begun" in each one of us.


The women, young and old, wanted to study the Bible with "Auntie Kori."

Teaching is not her gifting or skill set - but she prayed and labored diligently and faithfully.

I am so proud of her - a true servant & warrior for Christ!

I personally enjoyed preaching the CHRIST of Christmas - God's great gift to mankind. Several opportunities arose - some I even had advance notice about!

I especially enjoyed teaching from the Book of Genesis with the staff for morning devotions.

These guys are high school kids I enjoyed teaching and hanging out with. I passed the T-shirt on to someone more deserving than I.

All of these young college and career guys speak English. They all, at one time or another interpreted for us.

I had the privilege of mentoring and praying with all of them at different levels and in various ways.

What a joy!

We say thank you for going on this journey with us - many of you actually involved in the sending aspect as well - MAHALO!

There is so much more we could share, the ministries we were exposed to here, friends in Thailand & Korea that encouraged and blessed us, the distribution of clothing and other items, etc. The great highlights of making new friendships (especially Kizzy!) and renewing old ones - Thank YOU - GOD.




  1. Thank you for your faithfulness to God's leading, to nurturing relationships, and to recording blessings and challenges in this blog. :)

  2. you worked really hard on this blog. i really appreciate you keeping it updated. it kept me feeling closer to you and mom...almost as if some of the entries were written directly to me. after some rest and lots of tlc, reality tells me otherwise. still, i'm glad you both were able to go, and am happy that you've both returned safely. perhaps i'll start a blog of my own =0)