Friday, January 13, 2012

APPENDIX - A Khmer Wedding 3

After about 30 minutes, the bride and groom re-emerge in new costumes.

Notice the totally different color scheme and hair arrangement.

The morning guests have been milling around, taking pictures of one another.

All of the participants and guests are seated on the floor. The couple are closer together now. (The lighting fixtures of the photographer interfered with our camera.)

What follows are two different messages by 2 different pastors - from the scriptures.
There is a candle lighting time, a prayer time, an exchange of vows and rings + a very fast peck on the check (even though the Pastor instructed them to kiss noisily and long!)
A pronouncement is made and they are now husband and wife.

It is now 11 AM, and most proceed home to rest and await the evenings festivities.

We arrive at 5 PM to new outfits (even for the court). This is the reception line, and it consists of the young people only.

This reception area is a local street/alley-way, closed off and highly decorated for the occasion. There are at least 20 tables with 10 chairs at each table. The ground is dirt, making dust an issue here.

These men are part of the wait help for the evening. They are kept very busy.

The individual dishes for the guests are wrapped and sealed to keep them clean until time to eat.

Chairs and tables are spruced up.

We always look for a spot with translators available!

There were many courses of food - most of which we were not familiar with.

Drinks were plentiful - canned soda or beer.

This long-anticipated wedding is a big event. Young women treat it like American girls might a Prom - dressing up to da max!

Our lovely bride emerges in outfit # 4. All together gorgeous. No, she never gets to eat!

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