Thursday, January 12, 2012

APPENDIX - A Khmer Wedding 2

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SOPHEAROM ("Peary") THY & AMARA ("Umra") ING

The Bridal Attendants & Groomsmen.

The wedding attire is rented.
The suits were too large for VeaSna.
Utdom (far left) was a last minute
replacement as he more closely,
"fit the bill."

Of special interest to Kori,

the necessary adjustments

to make costumes fit properly.

Her good friend Sreypich models for us.

The two men at the front exchange banter, as they question the parents and others about the purity of the engaged individuals. It seems harder to affirm Umra's chastity, as neither his father or best man know of his behaviors. His mom affirms him, but that is not enough to verify his virginity. Omra is finally asked himself, and he states confidently that he is as fresh and clean as a "brand new 2012 moto." This response brings the house down with laughter.

The parents did some sort of fruit presentation that lasted for 10 minutes - we did not understand, as our translator was busy taking photos.

So ends part 1 of the morning ceremony. This wedding will last all day - past 10 in the evening. The respite is the afternoon siesta - with all participating to maintain strength for the rest of the festivities.

My wife stated that this was "so typical" - of the participants to todays activities. The vast majority will come by bicycle or moto (motor bike).

Mei Mei strikes a pose.

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