Friday, January 13, 2012

APPENDIX - A Khmer Wedding 4

Peary in red (outfit # 5) and the beauty of the Khmer women.

This is the "wedding cake." A rich and full assortment of fruit. This appeared to us to be their favorite snack food. After the "cake" ceremonies were done, it all disappeared in seconds.

Please notice the secular band in back, along with the huge speakers. (Believe me when I say they were used. The only conversation for all of the hours of the reception was mouth directly to ear!). I'm sure it could be heard for miles. Heard of no complaints from the neighbors all around.

Our bride in white. The 6th and last outfit of the day. And another beautiful hair styling to go with.

The groom gets to
wear white too.

Time for the cake ceremony.

First, both sets of parents are fed bites, then they serve one another.

Both the bride and groom together toss the red rose bridal bouquet.

After fighting tears of joy throughout his morning wedding ceremony, our groom overflows with joy at this juncture.


Our dear friends

Mei Mei & Sombat

actually caught it


The old folks "cut a rug," much to the delight of our young audience.

GOD BLESS YOU - if you made it this far :-)

May He bless you even if you didn't.

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