Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An Interview with Steve

A mirrored wardrobe, sink area with tap water, separate warm water shower & toilet,
door to a viewless lanai, desk, bedside table, large bed with a very firm mattress, and a vanity.

Tiled walls and floors reach up to a 16 foot ceiling. A large and effective 5 speed over-head fan helps to cool us off.


This breezy second floor lanai

has been perfect for blogging,

Bible Studies, mentoring and prayer.


I like rides very early in the morning,

when sunrises are beautiful,

and before traffic gets heavy.

I have made runs to the local

western grocery store as well.

Can you see it? The object is to keep this 5 inch toy airborne using your feet and hands.
Good players eschew using their hands.

Yeah, yeah, but where is the interview? Oh . . guess I'll have to include that somewhere else!

1 comment:

  1. it is a well made building. pretty much has everything you need for a ministry and church. I pray it continues to be used for the school and church in spite of the challenges.

    btw, did you lose weight?