Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Khmer Home


to the home of

Thy Sophearom,

her parents,

brother and 1 year old niece.

Inside, there is an upstairs area
that contains 2 or 3 sleeping areas.
Beds are a rare luxury.

If possible - always sleep under a mosquito net.

The ceiling (and roof) is made up of corrugated metal

The kitchen area

contains a cutting board

and a small cooking area

for heating up food over warm coals.

This is the one and only

source of running water

for the home.

Notice that the outside walls

are constructed from red brick.

Kitchen storage:

On right - Pots, pans & spices

The large urn on the left

contains water for cooking,

drinking and bathing.

Moto theft is a real problem here.

Family transportation vehicles

are brought in doors for safe keeping.

Food preparation

and dish washing are done

on the floor.

Notice that the flooring

is cement.

A wondrous feast is celebrated. There will be no leftovers.

This upper-middle class home could rent for $50 a month. It will soon be the site of her wedding reception this Saturday. It will also be the couple's honeymoon site. Check out the blog about CAMBODIAN COUPLES.


  1. Yay for corrugated roof! (?) So I wasn't the only one who grew up under one? (granted, I we also had an attic to buffer the rain & heat) ^_^