Saturday, December 31, 2011


OPEN . . . .OPEN . . . .OPEN . . . .OPEN . . . .OPEN . . . .OPEN

ECONOMICALLY - What a place for entrepreneurs! Risk takers could make a bundle here.
Anything from laundrymats & restaurants, to stock yards & dairy's, to a nuclear power plant - endless possibilities. Opportunities galore.

Major drawback: The political corrution is rampant throughout all levels of government and the populace. No one trusts anyone here - that could be a problem.

SPIRITUALLY - Is there any country on the face of the earth more in need of, or open to the gospel than this one - both politically and personally - on an individual basis?

I know of none.
The doors are open now.

Major drawback
- I don't know.
Is it apathy?

Free enterprise is rapidly moving this country ahead. We have seen significant progress in the 6 months we have been away. Western economics will also bring western curses as well - materialism, drinking & drugs, gambling and other addictions and distractions (already evident in both of the neighboring countries - Vietnam & Thailand). What path will these young men take?

KAIROS - The time is NOW

This is a picture of an older Khmer Rouge survivor living much as he always has - except for his satelite dish and TV (powered by a car battery). The contrast of the old and the new.

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  1. open, indeed. i pray God sends more missionaries to reach the open hearts of those in Cambodia. More people like you, mom and Kizzy (she's awesome) =0P