Saturday, December 17, 2011

Phnom Penh Bible School
This inter-denominational school trains young men & women from throughout the provinces of Cambodia. It's well prepared staff includes the Principal who was educated at Biola University.
Our guide is Mr. Tep Samnang, the academic dean. They have sixty students currently enrolled. It was our privilege to attend a chapel service during our visit.
They also have dormitories for the men and the women students, along with some staff housing on campus. Students do ministering in various venues on weekends throughout the city.
I. Application Form US $1 + Registration Fees US $2
II. Full-time Tuition Fees - Pay by semester: US $133 per semester
III. Dormitory Fees - During Academic year US $ 50 per semester
Unbelievable! Yet these amounts are so very high here. Some of the new denominational training schools in town cover all of the costs for their students. PPBS believes that what you pay for - you value. Most of the students have been sent and commissioned by their local churches - who seek to assist them in paying the fees.

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