Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Christmas Celebration

Invite all of your family and about 30 of your friends to a Christmas Party - so many that they cannot all fit into the house at the same time!

During your worship, prayer & devotional time - be sure to include some very crazy dancing.

The traditional Khmer Christmas meal:

Two servings of curry - the 1st with bread that you tear off and dip into the curry (add condiments to taste), and then
2nd - you add the very thin, pure white noodles to your bowl and eat the second round.

Polish it off with the official food of delight - FRUIT!

This is the father of our host - Sreypich. Kori taught English in her class last summer, and they became friends. She had asked for prayer for her family to come to Christ.

Since then, a group of young people came to her house to do so, and in the process, delivered her dad from demonic oppression. He accepted the Lord Jesus, and a little while later - cast out all of the idols in his home. In Christ he has found deliverance, peace and joy.


  1. merry belated Christmas. crazy dancing. that dance is worldwide...can't say i miss doing that one in particular, though. mom knows what i'm talking about.