Wednesday, December 28, 2011

NURSE KNAPP - Part 1 - The Backstory

We currently have 2 YWAM (Youth with a Mission) Teams here: 12 from the Colorado Base, and their schedule corresponds with ours here. Some of the guys and gals are tall! A new team of 10 (not in the picture) recently arrived from Oregon.

On the far left is Ben - from Wisconsin. At 20, he is a spiritually seasoned and a well-traveled leader in the first group (none of which are from CO). He is so fun and easy to talk to - we have a friendship brewing here.
Ben & a couple team members decided to buy some tarantulas from the open market.

Yes, they did eat them. (You know guys and a dare!)
Said they tasted more like jerky than anything else.

. . .But why is Nurse Knapp rushing to the scene - in the Tuk Tuk ambulance?

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  1. yum. did you try any spiders? yay for nurse knapp! she kind of looks like one of those ninjas from the video game mortal kombat.