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This young single Pastor, 22, leads his own flock and also is involved in a youth outreach in a remote area. He recently recovered a neglected baby near death. He is seeking a place for her. His beautiful sister (30) is the director / lead teacher at the preschool in their church. He lives by faith (read - no salary) in this village church directly across the Mekong River from Phnom Penh

A prayer request from Pastor Chanla from his own facebook entry:

since I've felt the motorbike on the way to work it is about 1 years and my leg can't walk for a long distance so and now I preach by sitting on chair and really bad but it is God's plan for my life . God want me to learn something from it . God will cure me one day that what i believe in him . even now the doctor said he can't but can do it. amen


Sherwin (23) and his sister (21) are from the Philippines - He was sent by his church to plant a church and minister to the Khmer people. Later his family sent her to be of encouragement, assistance and service both to him and to the ministry there. She does much of the AV stuff and is the lead worship singer. It was a blessing to see these siblings so honorably serving our Savior together.

We visited their church on Christmas evening. We walked maybe 2 miles to get there. We arrived an hour early. Lead Pastor Dara (another single guy) is on the right.

There were over 50 folk, singing, rejoicing & listening to the teaching of God's Word. No one in the room was even half our (or at least my) age! Most of the decorations are home-made from paper. There was a lot of enthusiasm & joy.

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