Saturday, December 3, 2011

Teaching English - December 1st

Can you imagine teaching students English, who have no concept of the ocean? Who have never seen mountains - in person? Who have never taken subject matter related to world geography? Who have never even heard of Hawaii? Whoa . . .

Can you imagine trying to teach English with a fellow Khmer teacher, whose own English you can barely understand? Such is the task, but most students are very eager to learn. To learn English is the USA equivalent of earning a Bachelor's degree, in terms of landing a good job.

Last night we brought in our blow up globe (think beach ball). Their assignment was to think of places in the world that they would like to go on a vacation to, and activities they would like to do. This was hard for them - they could only think of spots in their own home country of Cambodia. Kori and I are expanding (or blowing?)
their minds.

The kids get some of the tuition expense dropped if they come to Saturday night Youth Worship & Bible study. This really helps them, so they do - about 120 of them currently.

The worship part is lead by half a dozen pretty girls, with choreographed moves, and accompanied by a couple of professional nightclub musicians, along with the Pastor's daughter Hannah... Later they break into groups based upon age - college, high school, or middle school - for Bible teaching. The topic for the last 2 weeks has been Hell.

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