Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kone Kmeng Ministry + One

A hat rack in the restaurant. Typical here!

"Empowering churches to respond to children at risk in their communities," is the mission statement for this ministry. Laura Fok from Kaneohe is our connection to this "trafficking preventative" ministry. They use multiple resources and strategies to educate and spiritually "inoculate" children from this terrible practice.

Kids (often under 10 years old) are not stolen - they are sold, or they even volunteer in extremely bad economic situations - to go for the sake of the family.

Laura reported that a good portion of our summer team's financial donation went directly to help feed people left totally destitute by recent flooding.

After some long-anticipated shopping at the "Russian Market," we had lunch at another Christian "training restaurant," called Jars of Clay. It's founder's were British, and so was the menu. I was introduced to a lovely potato cake for lunch.

Cambodian Generations for Christ ministry works hard at providing Christian resources in the Khmer language for the believers through out the country. They provided us with several copies of the first two books in the "First Principles" discipleship series (the same one MCC is using back at home now!).

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