Saturday, December 3, 2011


WHAT AN ENORMOUS PRIVILEGE! To share the eternal things of God - His Person, His character, His love and work on our behalf!

I have been given the opportunity to teach morning staff devotions 3 times a week.
When I arrived, they were in Genesis 29 - going chapter by chapter. My first day, I was asked to teach chapter 30 with no prep time - "Be ready in season and out out of season." I have previous studies from Saturday Night Youth Bible Study - based around the stories themselves, but I am adding detail and application for each individual chapter.

The believers here know nothing of the Old Testament. I am limited in my illustrations, and you know how illustration driven I am! Can't use OT stories, can't use sports, TV or movie references, can't use many US or even world events. It's a challenge to get the meaning across.

Friday I talked about Jacob wresting with the Lord and getting his named changed to Israel. It took about 4 minutes to explain wrestling. They also had to be convinced (including the Pastor translator) that this was an actual event and not a vision.

But oh how responsive they are. You can see the light come on and their faces light up when understanding dawns upon them. They are so grateful. I included the gospel, as I know some are not believers.

One is the school's 6th grade teacher Sokthun. I taught in his class on the earlier trip. He speaks no English, but he always comes to staff devotions. Pray for him.

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