Wednesday, December 28, 2011


So many varieties of fruit exist in Cambodia - our translators could not give English names for some of them.

Banana chips are a very popular snack here.

Kori bought some kilos of chips to share as gifts at Christmas time.

They were well received.
JACK FRUIT - the biggest/heaviest fruit I have ever seen in a tree!

These are only about 60% grown.

They get to the size of watermelons, but heavier as they are more dense.

What would have happened to Newton's Theory of Gravity if he sat under this tree, and got clunked - rather than an apple tree?

Our friend Thouny (the multiple "Bible question" lady) shows the pod heads of the lotus plant. Southeast Asians eat the beautiful flowers, leaves, roots, and particularly the seeds inside these pods.

As Americans, we buy the dry pods for decoration.

They take the seeds out of the pod; crack um on their foreheads, and devour them like candy.

Lemon grass grows very well here and is used as a seasoning.


  1. Mom, Selah & Kathryn were drawing pictures today and all of a sudden Kathryn said, "Mommy, I'm making a letter for Grandma Kori. I miss her." Just thought you'd like to know that she still remembers you.