Thursday, December 8, 2011

Going to the Provinces

Sophearea (pronounced - Supeerria) - is the young lady on the right. She is a Pastor's daughter from the Kampong Thom Province - north of the city. She is a Pre-school teacher, university student, night English teacher, and one of our favorite translators, along with being our joyful friend!

We leave right after this morning's devotions to celebrate Christmas with her family this weekend. There is no Christmas holiday in this country. Khmer believers celebrate it at any convenient time in December. She was so excited at our coming that she nearly exploded. We did not quite expect such a reaction. We will not be taking our computer with us - I really doubt there will be any wifi service where we are going. We are taking our own TP as over 90% of the Khmer homes do not use such a wasteful and expensive product.

To go meant we had to miss the city-wide youth outreach event, with several of our friends dancing in it. The believers rented the largest theater in the city. There will be 3 dances (1 to a Toby Mac song, another is a rendition of one our previous mission teams have used so often - "Every Move I Make"). There will be a gospel presentation, and there are 50 trained young people ready to counsel responders. Hundreds of tickets have been given out. Kori and I settled for watching the practices - held here at New Life in Christ Church.

We will take with us today, the rest of the donated clothing provided by the members of Mililani Community Church. Here is a picture of the 50 pound bag of clothing.

Sashimi Steve - A kid tried to take a large bite out of my belly a few hours ago! I mean, I know that the kids here are often ravenously hungry - but, come on. Maybe he was buying into Obama's share the wealth plan. My wife said that he simply wanted to see if I would POP!

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