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What it would be like to have to act stupidly, but work hard in the rice fields - just to stay alive? Scavenging for roots, plants, bugs, lizards, whatever - just to get enough food to survive? To have earned enough "brownie points" with your captors, to be granted the privilege to pick from the girls in the work camp (all strangers) which one you would marry - - today?
19 year old Keat in the late 1970's.

Can you imagine from birth - being abused in many ways by members of your own family, then captured & transported to a new area to become a laborer in the fields? Can you imagine as a teenager, being given over to a strange man of a different race & culture, as a bride - with no say what-so-ever in the matter? A marriage not even arranged by those who have your best interests at heart. Your wedding ceremony is with several other forced couples, with vows, not to God, but to the Communist Party of Kampuchea. It is a sealed with a simple handshake. Khmer Rouge law is summarized by the maxim; obey or die.
Sally Kove

In this very "sanitized account", can you imagine dashing over land, avoiding enemy soldiers, escaping into Thailand and and being placed in a refugee camp? Where were you in 1979?

Can you imagine wandering around, with open sores, in your "home area" - the city dump? Where is your mom? Plying the so-called "oldest profession of women." The year is 2002, and a couple takes pity and arranges to adopt you as a undernourished child of 4 years. Can you imagine being frightened to death during your very first bath - having never been so close to so much water before?
Hannah Kove, 13

As we serve our Lord, Kori and I labor in prayer, example, and whatever other means available, to serve this family. Pastor Keat and family know and love the Lord. Life has its different challenges as we go through the stages of life. In many ways, success is more difficult to handle than adversity. Feel free to read between these lines. We need God to do miracle, and He is quite capable of doing so.

Matthew 19:26 "with God all things are possible."

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