Saturday, December 17, 2011

Communication with you!!!!!

Dear Blog Friends out there - all 3 of you (or more?)
We have not received many questions or comments on our posts.
Perhaps this free service is not user friendly.

I thrive (me - Steve) on feed back. At this point
I do not know if I am communicating effectively or not!

I can be reached on email at:
I'm on facebook too (I am trying to learn how to
download groups of pictures there, as we have several
more interesting ones - more than I can put into the blog).

We would like to pray for you as well. Tell us your requests.
Kori and I are doing more praying than ever
before in our married life!

So please make contact with us somehow,

Akun, mahalo, gracias, dunka, domo arigato, thank you

1 comment:

  1. Hi Dad & Mom/Grandpa Steve & Grandma Kori!
    We have been following your entries every few days :-) We're sorry for not commenting or messaging you guys. We especially like all the pictures to go with your posts! We will really miss seeing you at Christmastime. This year we will be celebrating with just our little family, since we can't make it out to Colorado to see the Dashers either.
    Amy Joy, James, Kathryn, & Selah

    p.s. I pray for you both & the relationships you guys are making, & the ways you are reaching people for Christ! I miss you & love you both so much!