Friday, December 16, 2011

Asian Hope Ministry

We are setting aside one day a week for rest, and for the visiting other Christian ministries here in Phnom Penh. Today we report on Asian Hope - an American based mission.

They are education based, and they operate 3 schools:
1) Logos International School (preschool through high school) - a top flight school for college prep students. In Hawaii - think HBA. No other language but English is permitted to be spoken on campus (unless, of course, it is a particular language class). They have a soccer field, gym, Olympic-sized swimming pool and the cream of the crop as far as students go. 40% Khmer, 30% Korean, and the last 30% the children of American ex-pats, Europeans, etc.

2) Asian Hope International School is for local Khmer Students for preschool through 3rd grade - adding a grade each year.

3) Kinder Care - another school they run (we did not visit there).

They have a heart for those trafficked in the sex trade as well. They have invested in a preventative-type ministry. Since the summer they have moved into the impoverished town on the river - that was just a dream when shared with us last summer. Mostly Vietnamese live here (the group from which the majority of victims come from). They have started a "catch-up" school for at risk children - assisting them in personal discipline, spiritual truth and academics - enabling them to escape poverty and exploitation.

Our group met LeeAnn this past summer as she so eloquently informed us in so many areas - she is nearest to me in the picture. We are standing in the entrance of the new ministry center for the village.

On the far right is the mission director and our guide for the day - Dan Ohlin.

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