Sunday, December 4, 2011

SECOND SUNDAY - Kori takes a spill

Today (Saturday the 2nd) Kori and I ventured out on our own. We decided to walk to the new shopping area which featured one of the "Lucky Store" grocery markets - catering to westerners. It must have been about 3 miles round trip. (Ewa folks - imagine walking from our home to Foodland and back with about $20 worth of groceries).

Anyway, less than 2 blocks from home, a motorcycle pulling a trailer with a protruding-out center where the axle is, came up from behind and hit Kori behind the knee , knocking her to the ground. All heads turned and gasped - including mine (I was walking ahead, trying to create space in that direction). She struggled to get up, and as soon as the driver saw that - he took off.

After some dusting off, reclaiming her hat, and damage assessment, she determined to go on. We older folks show and feel our bruises later on. She did have scrapes and swelling and some soreness - even on into Monday.

We did make it - we crossed the busy boulevard twice, and lived to tell about it (no right of way, no lights, no nothin' to help!). We thank God for His protection and your prayers. We seem to sense angels more here than in America, and the bad ones as well.

The picture is of a typical Cambodian pineapple and a Honeydew Melon (they were all softball sized) yet too pricey for us.

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