Thursday, December 29, 2011

NURSE KNAPP - Part 2 - Treatment

Ben (from YWAM) is the patient. Let's take a look at this.

Gross! Is it a bite or a boil? An open wound with an infection, and stuff ozzing out. Yuck!

Concerned team members watch
her clean and dress the wound
with whatever we
currently have available.

"That's it for today.

Try to keep it clean.

See you tomorrow."

Update: The first trip to a local clinic was very painful and ineffectual for poor Ben. There was no tuk tuk ride to him - this whole operation took place in our personal room. Our Betadine medicine was not strong enough. He had to go to a western type hospital, where a stapf infection was discovered. He was thoroughly cleaned up and put on antibiotics, with follow-up appointments scheduled.


  1. ouch! mom is "good" at being gentle with those painful sores, isn't she? still no skype?

  2. He already had the problem when we found out about it. They (the YWAMers) were uncertain of its source as well.