Friday, December 23, 2011

An Interview with Grace "Kori" Knapp

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What do want to know - from the feminine side about life here or in the provinces, food, clothing, weather, spiritual battles, or even life with the haole man. Let um rip!

The guy on the right of our gorgeous interviewee is the sidekick interviewer.

What do like most about Cambodia? Things are cheap.

What strange foods have you seen or eaten? The people here eat very healthy - they eat a lot of fruits and vegetables (fruits rule as snack food!) But the open outdoor market leaves much to be desired.

What foods have you eaten lately? Chicken and rice, rice and chicken, chicken and rice, along with some bland oatmeal for breakfast. Occasional fruit & vegetables as well. Did I mention chicken & rice?

What has been difficult for you on this trip? The language barrier and how dusty and dirty it is here.

How's that haole husband of yours? "I love him more."

What has God been teaching you? About myself - I really am dependent upon God - in the tasks that He has asked me to do here; teaching and marriage counseling. I feel the same reluctance that Moses did when called by God. "Who am I?"

Do you want to come back to Cambodia? It depends, actually - only if God wants me to.

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