Monday, December 26, 2011

The Return of the Pictures

Lucky's Supermarket is where we food shop for breakfast & lunch items. We walk about a 3 mile round trip to this very new store.

Prices are very high - 2 to 4 times as much as we would pay in the US for brand name items - cereal, ice cream, etc. Milk - when they have it, is $4.20 a LITER. We buy knock-offs that are much cheaper.

Our weekly splurge meal is sometimes here. We can get hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken or fish sandwiches, even pizza and ice cream here - at about half the price of fast food back home in Hawaii.

The taste?
Not great,
but not that bad either.

What a score! The married man of the YWAM team here bought this gorgeous Red Rose Bouquet for his wife for Christmas.

Over 70 roses

It was fragrant too!

- I wish I had thought of doing that for Kori!

Cost here $19

Kori's rides on a "moto."

It can be fun.

She always covers her face when out on the streets now (many do).

The air is very dusty and dirty, with lots of not-so-good-stuff floating around in it.

Is this as close to an elephant as I will get on this trip?

This statue is about 4 blocks from "home" - out in front of a pagoda.

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  1. I am LOVING the pictures and updates! Never thought about the dust issue. At least Mom doesn't look too out of place with the face mask. Glad to see that there were at least Christmas lights at your "home." I really hope that you guys get to go on an elephant ride... It's worth the experience if you guys can squeeze it in! (and if you do, find out if you can sit on the actual neck for a little bit -not just the seat/chair on it's back)
    We had a quiet Christmas at home with just the 4 of us, but the girls had fun and I basically did what I would have anywhere else: eat, relax, watch tv, play with the kids, and clean up! ^_^ I requested an "all out dinner" to "make a big deal" of Christmas. It's definitely a celebration that I want the girls to understand is very important to our faith.
    Exciting things have been happening with us lately, regarding our move to the East Coast. Would love to Skype with you when you can. James leaves for MD a week from Monday. :-/ I'm choosing to get excited about this new chapter in our lives!