Monday, December 12, 2011

Kampong Thom Province - CHRISTMAS 2011

Pick a day in December and celebrate. It was Dec. 10th this year in the village (town) of Soban (spelling?). Believers & pastors gathered from nearby churches to a 2 day celebration - beginning Saturday night and carrying over through Sunday afternoon lunch.

Kori and I journeyed with one of our best friends and translators here - to her home. She was so excited to see her family and bring us along with her. It took 8 full hours to travel the 280 kilometers (roughly 180 miles). We began on a large bus, and later transfered to a taxi (invariably an old Toyota Camry). There were many stops and bumpy dusty roads not yet repaired from recent flooding.

We arrived to a warm welcome at her home. They are blessed to have one of the nicer, larger homes in the neighborhood, as her dad is the Principal & Director of Schools for the district. They also hold church services here, as he is the local Pastor as well.

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